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Merino swaddles

Merino swaddles

Merino swaddles
Swaddling a baby helps make them feel more secure and reduces the startle reflex. Purchase a quality Iti Baby merino swaddle today and enjoy longer stretches of blissful sleep!

Our Merino Swaddles come in two sizes: Jumbo and Regular. They are 100% NZ made, luxuriously soft, fantastically large and have the perfect amount of stretch. They are ethically made, premium quality swaddles that will last.

Available in seven colours, there is one perfect for everyone!

Why Merino?
Merino fibre is naturally breathable and regulates heat and moisture.
It is beautifully soft and able to keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.
Merino can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture before they feel damp. This keeps baby dry, making it ideal for wrapping in both hot and cool weather.
It is recommended to use a wrap that is at least 120 x 120cm for babies over 12 weeks (5 1/2 – 6kg).

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